Bag with the Snake Buckle (DUPE)

Hello fashionistas, recently I came across a youtube video on elaborating How to LOOK rich on a BUDGET so here I am introducing a new category “Affordable Luxury” which will mainly feature high-end Designer brands cheaper lookalikes and where to get them. Links will always be mentioned and I’ll try my best to search for the most authentic sites and places for these items.

Let’s get this party started with a well-known brand GUCCI, this post will one of the brand’s famous classic handbag. You know, the one with the huge metal Snake Buckle.

Yesterday, I was scrolling through handbags on Jabong (an online shopping website) and saw this Black Beauty staring back at me. Gucci Dupe

The original MRP of the bag was INR 3870 but currently, it’s available at a great discount of 40% i.e., INR 2322 (rupees). Personally, I think this is one heck of a deal I mean a Designer lookalike for around 2000 bucks.

There are 2 color variants available right now:-

  1. BLACK – link
  2. PURPLE – link

I am hoping that this category will be LIKED as much as the Fake vs Real one, if not more. 😉

P.S. – What color do you think I should buy? 

Feeling Blue ALREADY !!!

Man, I’m kinda feelin blue (ya know)……..

So many times we have heard this phrase and even said it out loud too. But Why? What does it mean? To feel sad or more like depressed, are these the emotions we rename as Blue? Congratulations then people we just created a new shade of blue ‘Gloom Blue‘.

It’s 2017, the technology has escalated endlessly in terms of connecting people from all around the world. This is the age of social media which is doing more harm than good, I mean look at the extent of Cyber Bullying. You post a picture on the internet and (BOOM) hate comments with insults that plague the digital persona you created.

Then why feel blue when you have the power to avoid all this crap, below are some points which can help you do so:

  • Block out all the negativity – It is an essential step to surround yourself with positive vibes so avoid the stuff that tries to bring you down.
  • Befriends with quality people – There’s an old saying, “The company you keep, does have an impact on you” i.e. be with people that encourage the good in you.
  • Do some workout – Physical exercise is necessary because a) it’s a good distraction b) keeps you healthy and c) You feel Good (even look good too). 😉
  • Be Humble – Even if some things didn’t go as you planned Do Not Worry About It OK, be calm and hold on to your patience.

Don’t stress out cause remember if it ain’t right, in the end, it’s NOT the end.

Can you tell real Adidas Wang’s ?

Yo, Everyone! I have decided to make a NEW category “Fake vs Real” which will be featuring High-end Designer Brands with images to explain the differences between the appearance and quality of products.

I’ll be posting once a week in this category and this week it’s Adidas Originals shoes from collaboration edition with Designer Alexander Wang i.e., ADIDAS ORIGINALS x AW.

IMG_20170812_155200Focusing on details is the KEY here, as you can see the spacing between the characters holds the main difference in this image.


The Real Adidas Originals bag is really soft while the fake ones come with Dust bags that are made of completely different material.


The logo placement, as well as the discolouration, give you the basic hint on the quality of the product.


The clarity in the text and font is the ultimate test to check is the Designer product is a real one or just another fake.

P.S. – If there is any specific product or Brand that you want me to write about in next week’s article DO LET ME KNOW by commenting down below.

Hope you like this stuff to talk 😉

Revealed – Things you (probably) didn’t know about ZARA

Zara: The Story of the World’s Richest Man” is the new documentary film which will offer us a more personal side of the man’s life who invented the multi-billion brand Zara i.e. Amancio Ortega.

So, here’s the list of real life facts that not everybody is aware of:-

  • The founder of the world famous brand had to quit school in order to earn a living to fulfill basic food requirements.
  • Bathrobes were the first thing that Mr. Ortega made and sold them by going door-to-door.
  • Instead of 2,000 pesetas, the bank provided only 30 euros as a loan for the Company’s launch.
  • The name Zara came from ‘Zadar‘ where Amancio & his then-wife Rosalie spend their honeymoon.
  • The concept of FastFashion was brought by the brand itself as Zara would create whole product lines within 15 days that would usually take months for others to make.
  • The “Out of Stock” is a technique that is used to create a need for the product in the market thus, increasing the sales.
  • It takes an exact amount of 38 minutes to complete a women’s shirt anything more than that means a loss to the manufacturing plant, it is known as “Working to the Minute
  • Zara’s Designers always travel with a Pen, Paper and a Camera for the sole objective of observing and recording the data on how people dress. Now, that’s creativity.

BONUS Point – These are the hidden siblings of the Spanish retail store Zara who are more affordable than Zara and not many people know about them – Pull and Bear, Uterqüe’s, Oysho,  Stradivarius, Massimo Dutti, and Bershka. 

P.S. – If this blog ends up getting more than 10 likes, I’ll write a detailed blog on Zara’s Hidden Sibling Store. 🙂


Do you favor the term Book-worm or Book-lover ?

National Book Lovers Day a fun holiday that’s celebrated unofficially twice a year by Bibliophiles from the land of the mystical creatures to the planet that’s unknown to us (Too much ??? Sorrrrrry guys !!! Pardon my geeky imagination….it kinda flies wild 🙂 )

BOOKS, What do you see? A word just a few characters placed together or an object that holds the power to give a whole new meaning to your existence. If you chose the latter you just earned 1000 points (smirk!) I mean seriously y’all. Remember this saying, “Behind Every Succesful Man, There’s Always A Woman” now that’s one of the most misleading and sexist piece of advice anyone could ever give you. Why is the term ‘man‘ designated as successful not ‘woman’?

But the truth is that “Behind every successful person there’s always a book (or books)” Take any successful person, for instance, Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft), Amancio Ortega (founder of Zara), Mother Teresa (Nobel Prize winner), the list goes on and each one of them gives credit to books one way or another. Books give you the endless treasure of knowledge whether it’s an autobiography, a dictionary or even a fantasy novel (sigh!!) they always teach you something new that will come handy in life.

Go connect yourself with the lives of characters that in books go on adventures, fall in love, be a millionaire, show kindness and spread happiness……..

You might be thinking which book is my all time favorite is ‘Nikola Tesla’s biography’ (Amazing book, I tell you)

Dessert Fest on Full Swing

This sweet event is for all those sugar-addicts (including Myself !) where under one roof will be a buffet of the Most Popular Desserts including a variety of sweetness i.e. classic Delhi -6 vendors, the oldest authentic bakeries in NCR area, talented Home-bakers and Sinister looking Freak Shakes.

And that’s not it Sugar Rush is performing collaborative services from known Brands like The Fine Food Cellar, Jambox Shakes, Minus 30, All things Yummy and many more Hauz Khas village big names. 

Unfortunately, due to my fever I wasn’t able to attend this amazing opportunity to devour some sugar coated goodness and show off the instagood Dessert photographs. NO WORRIES ! (there’s always next time) So, if you are in NCR area hurry up and try out some Sugar Rush chocolate treats.