The C in Chanel stands for Classy, Agree?

Hey there Fashionistas, in today’s edition of “Affordable Luxury” category we will be talking about a brand that’s known by all but not owned by all, one and the only – CHANEL

If you are a trendsetter or a stylist you gotta have some Chanel in your closet and in India the past few months have seen a huge escalation in fashion blogging. Every other person on Instagram has now written how fashion enthusiast they really are.


So, why not stay stylish on a budget? It’s the festive season and HUGE sale is going on everywhere and when I looking for some accessories I came across this sling bag (in the picture) and guess what it cost only 300 bucks after discount.

Here are some other colors of the bag which are available:

Purple – Link

Black – Link

I feel this is a great bargain because you will be getting the Logo on the bag as well so yes this bag looks decent enough to buy.

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Rule #1 of taking Close-up photographs

This blog post is about the MUST-have smartphone accessory that you need to take A-amazing pictures from your smartphones (comment if you are team iPhone or Android 😉 )

So, what you do think is the important thing to need when it comes to clicking close-range pictures from the primary camera (back-side) or selfie photos from the secondary camera (front)…….LIGHTING

Yes, lighting is the key when it comes to creating a masterpiece with your photography. To achieve this perfection I end up ordering a Selfie Ring Light….

IMG_20170917_175924_HDRDo I recommend??? ABSOLUTELY 😉

If you are a Blogger you review makeup, skincare, beauty…. you need it because this requires close-up pictures of products or even better your close-ups a.k.a SELFIES.IMG_20170917_180024_HDR

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Azote’s Nitro Ice Cream

*Spoiler Ahead – Photographs Ahead!!!*

Yo people, today I’ll be telling you guys about my FIRST IMPRESSIONS of a Food Destination which is Azote, an ice dessert parlor that is known to make ice cream by using liquid Nitrogen.


There is no sitting area in this tiny but CUTE shop so you have to eat while standing up. Good news is that they serve a diverse and large variety of flavors to choose from, trust me cause I myself end up ordering 3 different ice creams.


Also, I’ll admit watching the whole procedure of making ice cream by adding Nitrogen in liquid form was quite interesting and foggy too (a lot!).


My favorite would be the one combing Bournvita (chocolate) and cheesecake, it was so damn delicious and adding NUTELLA into it using a mini syringe was awesome.


The interior of the parlor looked something in between cozy and modern art, here are the pictures to prove it.

Fun Fact – It’s Delhi first Nitro Ice cream parlor.

Location – C-11, Ground Floor, Community Centre, SDA, New Delhi

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Want some Yeezy BOOST?

Hello my friends, the upcoming week is going to be Awesome (Cause I gotta feelin’) 😉

In today’s Real vs Fake blog we will be discussing differences of the Adidas YEEZY Boost 350 by the infamous Kanye West. Guys, this one is difficult because the changes are very minute [MYnute] so you better look closely.

Product – Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 sneakers

Sneaker.jpgPrimeknit of the real Yeezy is tightly woven and the fake one has more space in the orange stripe portion.

350.jpgWhile looking closer you will observe that the font is a bit different and the placement of the characters differ as well.

Thank You So Much for reading !!!

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Colors that POP up your Style!

Hello there my friends, in this post we’ll be talking about Nail Polishes of the brand DEBORAH Milano featuring 4 (Yes, Four!) shades of bright and funky pop-up colors.

My Review post on Colobar Velvet Matte Lipstick [Fantastic #4] received a great response from you guys so here I am writing another article. Currently, we are at an increasing Followers rate I just wanted a moment to Thank You All !!!

Deborah Milano is a highly renowned Italian brand which focuses on giving international standard beauty as well as skin care products at a great affordable cost. Deborah Pret A Porter Pop Nail Enamel fits you and makes you feel like worthy manicure every time you apply it. 

DeborahProduct Info

Name – DEBORAH Milano Nail Enamel

Range – Pret A Porter POP colors

Price – INR 230 for 4.5 ml

Performance – A tiny bottle with some good stuff inside it, the colors are vibrant and just POP up loud. Try 2 coats s it bring out the most of the color and gives you that glamorous hands.These nail enamels stay strong for 2 to 3 days but then starts to chip unevenly.

Packaging – I feel like the bottle were a bit smaller than the average size but decent in all.

Shelf Life – 30 months

Rating – 4 out of 5 (recommended for funky people)

There are 5 shades available in this range but I ordered 4 as the 5th one out of stock. The description of these 4 shades is mentioned below:

Pop StyleTop Position – #03 Eccentric Peakcock: A blue with undertones of gray for the ones with mood and mysterious personality.

Left Position – #04 Blue Moon: Once in a Blue Moon, they say…this is a shade of indigo which will suit perfectly for work place environment.

Right Position – #05 Extravagant Orchid: A beautiful violet color to go for those party evenings and put some life in the Night.

Bottom Position – #10 Pop Your Style: Personally my favorite, the sunshine yellow for the early-birds with the go-getter attitude.

Also, I mostly order beauty and makeup products from Nykaa as it delivers genuine products and FYI this is NOT SPONSORED.

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DUPE of Louis Vuitton Sling Bag

Hello my Trendsetters, this week’s “Affordable Luxury” edition will feature a lookalike for the major Designer brand LOUIS VUITTON’s Sling Bag. The links are mentioned below in case you feel like shopping (wink!).

Every Human Being in one way or another knows of the LV brand because they want to own that Designer stuff but it’s hella expensive, so here I am making that dream of you come true.

Street Style Store a.k.a. SSS is an online shopping website which is known to sell women footwear at really low prices and the quality of the products are genuine TRUST ME cause I recently ordered 3 pairs of shoes from this site (soon to be posted 😉 ).


Yesterday I was looking for some sneakers and found myself in the Bag section and saw this Classic-looking Sling bag with the check pattern of the brand Louis Vuitton and guess what the price of this sophisticated piece is, 400 bucks ONLY.

There are 2 color variants available right now:-

  1. BROWN – link
  2. GREY – link

p.s. – Don’t know about you guys but I am losing it over this bag, by the way, Have you checked out the Pedicure Kit Review?


Are Spidey Lips trending?

Hello my friends, How’s it going? I don’t know about you all my I am feeling a bit anxious, wanna know WHY?

Since the past 2 days, a new Lip Art has been showing up on my Instagram Feed which apparently looks creepy as you might have seen in the featured image of the post. I am just it’s a new weird fashion trend that making rounds and enjoying it’s 15 minutes of FAME. I have uploaded two pictures of this next going-viral trend: a black lashes one that looks like it has straight come out of a horror movie (particularly Grudge!)

Here, I have uploaded two pictures of this next going-viral trend: a black lashes one that looks like it has straight come out of a horror movie (particularly Grudge!) and the other on is in Barbie Pink shade (look under).


You see, at this time the trends barely say for a week until something new shows up but I think we’ll be seeing this one for quite some time cause you know HALLOWEEN IS COMING……

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