Farewell to Days of Shuffle & Nano Ipods

It’s Official, Apple has made the announcement of discontinuation of two Iconic iPods ever came into existence: Apple’s iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano, it was true that these traditional pieces didn’t provide us the luxury of Internet Connectivity but those Mini Gadgets available in vibrant colours won our heart.

Technically, the iPod Nano has not been updated since the 2012 when the Bluetooth feature was updated. After a long journey of 12 years iPod Shuffle was the smaller and affordable version of high-end iPods which lead everyone to buy them.
“Indeed, the Old times were good but hope for even better times to come.”

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Adidas Originals x AW (Season 2)

After the huge success of Adidas’s First collaboration with Alexander Wang among the people and trendsetters were anxious for the next capsule edition and finally the prayers have been cause season 2 teaser has been released.

 The theme is said to be inspired by connecting the RAVE culture with that of Athletic one. So, be ready for some fluorescent Neon shades in these lifestyle pieces.

Set your Party mood on for Second Edition !!!


In the last 12 hours, I have came across THIS tag a plenty of time may be it’s the next viral trend making way towards its *15 minutes of Fame*.

And the more fascinating part is the latest trend that’s adding Fire to #PraisinTheAsian motto – Heart-shaped outline figure in the midst of Pink……right at apple of the cheeks.

What do say ? Trend Alert or not ??

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Miniature 64 console Nintendo Classic Edition

Nintento is a quite popular household name since the early 2000s and also favourite video game among all kids and even adults. So, this year while trying to stay ahead in the game the inexpensive Mini-version of bulky N64 console is here.

But according to some Gaming Experts the basic original model has somehow lost its originality while reducing the size of the console and added the need of using a LOT of expanders as well as cable attachments.

Hey, this transformation makes it look cute though.

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MOSCHINO + SEPHORA collection (I’m screaming)

If you think its a Rumor I can guarantee you its NOT !!!

The designer brand MOSCHINO has decided to make name in Makeup industry by teaming up with the well-known player of the makeup game Sephora for the sole purpose of delivering us the customers happiness by launching a Limited Edition.

This Edition will be a Seven-piece edit of the products which will be ofcourse in the shape of the signature style of MOSCHINO, the teddy bear. And in regards of the launching dates, these heavenly makeup products will be available by the month of August in USA.

Below are some images for thy eyes to feast upon,


So Freaking Amazing…. aren’t they ?

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Busting the Myths – GST Edition

A ton of speculations and rumors are doing nothing but firing up the confusion and the only solution to clear these things out is by spreading awareness.

Here are the 7 points of GST knoweledge:-

  • Myth – You need to generate all invoices on computer/internet only.┬áReality – Invoices can be generation also.
  • Myth – You need internet 24*7 to do business under GST. Reality – Internet is needed only while filling monthly return of GST.
  • Myth – Only have provisional ID but waiting for final ID to do business. Reality – Provisional ID will work as final GSTIN number.
  • Myth – If item was earlier exempt you’ll require new registration. Reality – Continue doing business and get registered within 30 days.
  • Myth – There are 3 returns to be filled per month. Reality – Only 1 return with 3 parts i.e. first files by dealer, second and third will be auto-generated by computer.
  • Myth – Even small dealers will have to file invoice wisely with deatils in return. Reality – Those in retail business (B2C) need to file only summary of total sales.
  • Myth – New GST rate is higher compared to earlier VAT. Reality – All invisible taxes like Excise Duty have been subsumed in GST, so it appears that way.

I hope this article helped you to understand the GST concept a little better maybe like 10 % if not 100% and that’s what I need to keep going PROGRESS…….

If you got Acne there, it means…..

Do you know what your Acne is trying to tell you ?

Well, you should because every Acne body placement location shows signs of having a different healthcare problem. So here’s the guide of some Basic Acne positions for you guys to learn more about.

What is Acne ?

Acne can be defined as a basic commonly occuring skin disease which can be seen at various locations on human body like Chest, Back, Neck but mostly Face.

Below are some of the body placements where Acne normally occur and whats the reason as well as meaning behind it:

  • Legs/Thighs – Symptom to some allergy from soap or lotion.
  • Chest – Drinking too much cold beverages.
  • Jaw/Neck – Indicate overactive Adrenal Glands.
  • Shoulders/Back – Nervous Digestive System.
  • Elbow – Overproduction of Dead cells.
  • Stomach – Indicate sugar level imbalance.
  • Lower Back – As a result of too tight clothing.

Also, if anyone of you is interested in knowing these Acne cure or remedies just Comment down below and I’ll be happy to oblige.