Get BOLD with these T-shirts

Hi All, I have a GREAT news to tell you guys, wanna guess? (Drum rolls, please!) I have collaborated with an AWESOME apparel brand “Sekirankai” that offers some DOPE clothing items, selected pieces you know what I mean right? I have put together 3 products that are from the store’s T-shirt category so that you guys can have an Idea about the Theme that the store follows in terms of design.

Outfit #1

“I Wanted to be Beautiful for Myself” t-shirt – LINK

This super-soft, baby-knit t-shirt looks great on both men and women (Unisex, great!) – which fits like a well-loved favorite. And made from 100% cotton, except for heather colors, which contain polyester.


Outfit #2


This is 100% ring-spun cotton (heather colors contain polyester) Baby-knit jersey which has shoulder-to-shoulder taped and is cover stitched with hemmed sleeves and side-seamed.


Outfit #3


At the end of the day, feminists are just like everybody else: Human Beings. This tee just makes the right point that we are not fighting to be recognized as special. We just want equal rights deserving to every human on this planet. A t-shirt that is making is BOLD statement


I chose these apparel items because of their boldness in the statement that itself speaks the truth but somehow the society is taking time to accept to fully get in terms with these thoughts. The price of each of these 3 t-shirts is INR 1600 a.k.a. $24.95 and here’s the best part, the sizes are available from S to all the way to 4XL and that too with color options (Impressed!)

There are still some barriers to be broken if you agree with this too. Be one of us and pick a t-shirt to join us by going clicking on the link of any of these t-shirts or going straight to and order your pick. Also, use the code “TANYA” to get an exclusive 10% discount on any item you want from the website

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My Experience of 100 StarBUCKS coffee!

Hey folks! Enjoying your weekend? Well, me too!

On 28th October Starbucks India decided to treat us on this Halloween season by charging only 100 bucks for a beverage (including short & tall), this any be any drink from their menu, AMAZING right? This is because Starbucks is celebrating 5 years in India and has opened 100 outlets in the span of these 5 years thus, 100 Rupees (INR) price tag for this special occasion.


The best part was this offer was valid on all 100 Starbuck outlets in India, but just for one day. And who would miss this chance, apparently no-one ’cause I spent 4 hours at Starbucks to get my two Frappuccinos. Yes, it’s true but it was an experience in its own way and I enjoyed it with my sister cracking jokes while waiting in the queue. What I liked about today is that there were a lot of families together who were who waiting for their turn 😉

P.s.- Yes, they did spell my name wrong but thank God not my Order 🙂 

Innisfree Best Capsule Recipe Pack Collection (3 Masks Set)

Hey Everyone in today’s review I have something special lined up for you in the coming week that features Capsule Masks from an internationally famous brand ‘Innisfree’. The collection pack that you are seeing in the pictures is a limited edition set that consists of THREE face masks. I got this set when my order from Innisfree crossed over 1000 bucks.


So, the pack that I received have these 3 pack in it that are mentioned below:

  1. Green Tea – Sleeping Mask
  2. Jeju Volcanic – Wash Off Mask
  3. Bija & Aloe –  Sleeping Mask


Each mask has a quantity of 10 ml of every face mask and costs INR 150 as per capsule recipe pack. I will be posting the review of each mask separately so we can cover up with the product details.

P.S. – This is one of my beauty blog post that I usually post on my other blog CheekyDimplesBlog, so if you like keeping up-to-date with the makeup trends you should probably check it out. 😉

HEELS that are straight from RUNWAY

I have a confession to make guys! I have an obsession with SHOES, yup that’s true I am obsessed with footwear and that includes Heels, Flats, Sneakers etc (you get the idea, right?) So you can call me a Shoeaholic  😉 but on the other side mostly all of the girls have a Shoe Obsession, don’t they?

In this blog post, I will be sharing some styles of Heels that I think are straight out of a Magazine and owning even 1 of these pair of footwear can make you look like a Supermodel.

Style #1

If you have read some of my previous fashion-related articles you would know that I love Stripes just love’em! This is Ankle-length Peep-toe High-heeled Boots with black & white stripes over it and these are the heels you need for this winter season.


Style #2

The heels with the transparent style have been in the light for the past few months and so I decided to take a notch up by introducing these heels to you that are laced-up with this transparent material that will highlight your feets beautifully and that too with some Peep-toe design.


Style #3

I have been trying to get my hands on shoes that have some Buckle in them and look what I found. These almond-toed block heels can make any outfit look Fabulous whether it’s formal or party event. And the thing I like the most is the whole color-clock design of this footwear.


I have tried to cover as much as varsity I can summon up with these 3 Heels that I chose. Also, there is one more special reason behind my choice and that is all these 3 are currently at 50% discount and I want you guys to make the most of this deal. 🙂 I ‘ve picked all these products from an online store at Aliexpress called ‘Run Together‘ so go ahead and shop before your size gets out of stock. (I don’t wanna spoil your surprise but you can get these pairs for around INR 1000)

P.s. – If you want to see my shoe collection let me know or check out my previous posts 😉 

Wrap it up with these SHAWLS

Hello, my friends, as you can see in the heading above today we will be talking about wrapping you or you can say ‘Wrapping you in style’. 😉

So, when you hear the word SHAWL what’s the first thing that comes in terms of quality, let me guess – CASHMERE isn’t it? Because the cashmere shawls are the best ones that you could ever find as they symbolize the richness of fabric and Luxury Lifestyle. In this blog post, I will be sharing picks of this cashmere goodness with you:

Outfit #1

This is a DUAL color tone shawl that can be worn from both of the sides i.e. from the blue as well as the yellow colored side as well. As you can even tell by looking at the picture of the product, this is made from warm material to make sure you feel cozy.


Outfit #2

If you have a BOHO side to your personality this tribal print cashmere shawl is for you. The different colors are mixed in a way that brings this tribal pattern to life so there can be no more boring black & white combination.


Outfit #3

I personally love the check pattern and my wardrobe does have a lot of different checkers in it. But what I love about this piece is that it reminds me of a runway trend that has been in limelight for years if you are a true fashionista, you know what I am talking about.


I usually pick one as my favorite in all my blog posts about outfits but this time I am not able too I JUST LOVE THEM ALL (and this rarely happens to me!). All of these shawls are cashmere and are priced for just 1000 bucks people, isn’t that just crazy. I ‘ve picked all these products from an online store at Aliexpress called ‘LESIDA Official Store‘ as you can also see the name of the brand in the pictures above. I did a background check on reviews, shipping and all so YES! the path is clear. You can just go ahead and shop 🙂

Preparation of Winters in Style

Keeping Up With Fashion!!!

Hey, folks just 10 days before Halloween so have you decided for the costume ideas yet? If not don’t worry you will figure something out 😉 Winter is approaching rather quickly and that means some adding some new clothing items in your wardrobe

In this blog post, I will be sharing some of my picks of winter top-wear clothing items that are affordable yet pretty and also in trending fashion.

Outfit #1

My first choice is more like a must-have apparel because you need to have at least one of these coats to shield you against cold winds. This long coat is stuffed with coziness to keep you warm and the horizontal pattern lines give it a formal look making it perfect for meetings.


Outfit #2

Ther can never be a winter season without Hoodies, so here is an ombre style hoody for you. Just a look and I know all the music fans will be digging it and the shades of purple from faded to solid color makes it even more appealing.


Outfit #3

I save the best one for the last 🙂 this is a long cardigan because short ones are a thing of past. And this knitted design is one reason to like it but with the pearl, attachments give it a totally chic look.


So, stay warm in style my friends and for your information, the coat is around INR 1700 and the other two items ranges in the 1000 bucks category which is just amazing, isn’t it? And I ‘ve picked all these products from an online store at Aliexpress called ‘Mezone‘ and also goes by the name ZAFUL, you might have even heard of it. 🙂

Redefine your Wardrobe with these SKIRTS

Hey, Gorgeous Ppl! Is it just me or the year 2017 is ending pretty fast? My advice on this is to make the most of the remaining 2 months as of October almost over too. 😉

So, recently I have posted many articles on clothing featuring Long Coats, Jackets, and Tops but I have been receiving requests from you guys to write my next post on bottom wear. So, here I am and in this blog post, I will be sharing some of my picks of SKIRTS that I think are currently in trends.

Outfit #1

This is a Faux Leather short skirt with Floral embroidery on both sides giving it a cowboy style look. The leather trend was back in the 2000s but in the past year brands like Forever 21, H&M, Zara made it hot trending look. And this PU A-line mini skirt is a great choice if you feel the BOHO vibes.

short skirt.jpg

Outfit #2

Plaid is one of the few seasonal looks that never left the style league and this pencil skirt with the plaid design just proves it. The straightly lined buttons make this skirt ideal for Formal gatherings or even office meetings and all.

pencil skirt.jpg

Outfit #3

Now, this one is what I like the best because of its tropical print and the close pleated design is enough to capture one’s attention. The mid-length skirts can be easily worn in all seasons from Summer to Winter. The vintage is the new runway style so it’s time to remix your closet stuff.

flare skirt.jpg

Now, the affordable part that you all have been waiting for, am I right? 🙂 These 3 outfits lists in the range of INR 1100-1300 which makes them even more appealing. And I ‘ve picked all these products from an online store at Aliexpress called ‘LyDia Season Store‘ and uses the brand name ‘LD Helly’ as mentioned in the images as well. And don’t worry guys I’ve already checked the details for you so, you can always COMMENT me your thoughts.