The Name’s Ferragamo…Salvatore Ferragamo *Belt Edition*

Yo People! Have you guys completed all your Christmas shopping ’cause I sure haven’t? But we still have 10 days to worry about that, right! Today, let’s do a Fake VS Real edition of the Classic Ferragamo Belt. (one of the famous Brand especially for Belts)

Product – Salvatore Ferragamo Belt for Men


Starting straight from the packaging, the size difference is quite noticeable and the color is redder on the real one.


The Dustbag comparison is easy to spot as the size of the fake one is small in comparison with the real one. Also, the color and the cloth material is on an entirely separate level.


An up-close shot of the Brand name’s on the Dustbag, the print of the genuine bag will be always sharp and more defined.


Let’s have a look at the Bucke now, the ‘Ferragamo’ tends to be more sleek and fine as well as thinner. The quality always gives away the authenticity of a brand’s product.


From behind, as you can see in the image…the difference is easily noticeable.


This is the end of the belt, obviously (wink!), the fake one does not have the stitching throughout the boundary.

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Quick, Name a Disney Princess & see their inspired Rings!

Hey folks, today we will be talking about Disney Princesses and as it’s Wedding Season here in India so let’s talk about Engagement Rings too… WAIT A MINUTE! Let’s then talk about Disney Princess themed Engagement Rings 😉

While suffering through the Internet last night, I came across these Magical Rings and thought of sharing them with you guys. 🙂 Read on and check out these amazingly Gorgeous Rings and do comment your favorite one or more.




Cinderella is one of the first Disney princesses that was introduced back in the day. This Blue Topaz is giving us the flashback of her Sparkly Blue Gown that she wore at the Midnight Ball. At midnight, she leaves the Prince in mystery with her famous Glass Slipper and flees away in her carriage before it turns to pumpkin.

Snow White



Being a classic Disney Princess, who doesn’t remember Snow White? The girl who ate a delicious-looking RED apple. One look at the ring and you know it is themed on her with that bloody Ruby right in the center.





Disney Princess Mulan, a true warrior won hundreds and thousands of hearts by her bravery. As you can see in the picture, this ring is inspired by the well-known Chinese Architecture.





The Disney Princess Pocahontas taught us to be never ashed of our roots and to treat nature with respect. A true legend with a humble heart who ended the war and made people believe in Peace and Unity just like a bright Solitaire.





The Disney Princess who created the entire Frozen Kingdom for herself out of snow. Of course her themed engagement ring will be shaped like a pretty Snowflake, I mean obviously.



So, which Disney Princess-Engagement Ring will you pick for yourself? I was just asking because you can ACTUALLY buy them online (Crazy, isn’t it?). Here’s the LINK for you fam, enjoy!!!

Artistic Stationary Supplies *Haul*

All ARTISTS out there give me a cheer! Here’s a blog post just for you 😉 Featuring some stationary supplies that I bought recently. So, let’s get straight to the products.

The above product is a storage bag for storing your Pens and Edgy Pencils and all that small stuff. I got it for my sister who LOVES to draw sketches and needed something really CUTE to collects all colorful pencils.


The above product is a storage bag for storing your Pens and Edgy Pencils and all that small stuff. I got it for my sister who LOVES to draw sketches and needed something really CUTE to collects all colorful pencils.


As you can see the size of the bag is quite big and the chubby Robot look is adorable. I have the admit I wasn’t expecting such a great quality when I placed the order but it surely exceeded my expectation.


These are the two 0.5 mm Marker Pens I purchased with the bag from the same seller at Aliexpress. I specifically ordered them for drawing on GLASS i.e. Glass Bottles 🙂 . The Purple and Orange colors are absolutely gorgeous and just POPUP.


Also, these can be used on Wood, Metal, and Cloth as well but I haven’t tried it yet on these bases but I will surely update you guys on that matter. And all these 3 products cost me around INR 500 aka $8 USD and this is the STORE you can buy these from.

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Are you ‘Adidas Originals PW Human Race NMD’ fan?

From the past two months, I have been getting a lot (trust me!) A LOT of requests from you lovely people to do the more blog posts of FAKE vs REAL series featuring Designer Brands.  So, here I am Giving You What You Want and continuing the series.

Product – Adidas Originals PW Human Race NMD


I personally love the Pharrell X Adidas NMD collection ’cause they are basic solid streetwear style. Let’s start with the back, as you can see in the below image the built structure of the fake ones is taller.

IMG_20171203_204653.jpgIt’s an obvious fact that the quality of the fake product will be low, same happens here the logo details is not as neat and clear as the real ones. Also, the gap between logo and the top lining is more in comparison.


The alignment and placement of the information on the tag give away the hint about the authenticity of the brand.


The footbed of the fake ones is faded to the point that brand logo can hardly be seen whereas in the real ones it’s clear even ‘Pharrell Williams’ is crisp.


And the last point is to check for the stripe, in the real PW pair the line would be translucent instead of solid white in color as shown in the replicas.


That’s it for today folks! Hope this information is useful and you LIKE it. If there’s is a special request for a special product or brand just let me know and I will compare it to the next blog post, until then Peace Out!

Get Yourself Some MERMAID Sparkle

Hello, again my friends, we just have one month left of the year 2017 So Let’s Make it Memorable With Some Awesome Stuff 😉 Agreed? My today’s post will add some glitter to your day, HOW? Just look at these pictures ppl!!!


This is another item from my International Haul if you don’t you what I am talking about Check Out my Previous Blog Post. This is a cover for Redmi Note 4 in soft case type meaning it’s not plastic but thick rubber. There’s a reason I prefer Rubber cases over Plastic ones as I tend to drop my phone several times in a day. And Plastic ones mostly crack and may damage your phone but the rubber ones absorb the shocks further protecting your phone as well.


As you guys can see in the above image the case is quite a thick boundary at the back especially around the curves/corners. The pink and the ocean green is giving the Mermaid vibes for sure, making the case even more likable. So, if you are someone who loves glitter or knows someone who is a sparkly person. You should definitely buy it as Christmas Present ’cause it does match the festive spirit 🙂


Redmi phones are covering is the majority of the market so there’s a good chance to know someone who owns Redmi so buy it from this LINK for a whopping price of 200 bucks and trust me the quality is great. Yes, It’s a steal Deal!!!

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Jeans too good to be TRUE!!!

What’s up everyone, how was your thanksgiving? Let me guess ‘Foodalicious’ 😉 So guys as you know winter is here and so are my several products that I ordered during the last 25 days. At first, my idea was to do a HAUL but I didn’t wish to write a lengthy article that’s too long that it loses its appeal and at last, I have decided to separately write about products with tons of pictures ’cause I know you enjoy those visuals.


Last month, I ordered a pair jeans for my baby sister as one of the presents for her birthday. While surfing the internet, looking for some basic high-waisted jeans I clicked on a link and that lead me to the site of Aliexpress. In the past, I have ordered 2-3 products from Aliexpress but never any clothing items because they look too good to be true. But this time I took a shot and ordered this thing right here and guess what the seller was nice enough to send me this cute little hair tie.


Let’s move on the essential details, shall we? The delivery was done within 2 weeks I mean, I was mentally preparing for a month at least (Phew!). The American Apparel label made me take a second look at those jeans as the quality of the material was damn GOOD.


And that made me think maybe IT IS a genuine American Apparel denim ’cause these big brands are known to make their products in a cheaper country and then do the import & export stuff.


The measurements were up to the point, as you guys can see in the picture my sis’ is rocking those jeans and the seller was so accurate about the size and coordinated throughout the whole process.


I know what you waiting for, the pricing part (DUH!) $13 and if you mention “TANYA” you can get an additional discount of $4 Yayyyyyyy 🙂 here’s the Link and that Red Polka Dot hair tie was the cherry on top.

On a side note, I wanted to let you people know that these pictures are not edited in any form (as you can already tell) just because I was super excited to share this blog post with you all and thought editing might decay it. But I do promise that the upcoming posts will feature the best of my photography till now. 🙂

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