Redefine your Wardrobe with these SKIRTS

Hey, Gorgeous Ppl! Is it just me or the year 2017 is ending pretty fast? My advice on this is to make the most of the remaining 2 months as of October almost over too. 😉

So, recently I have posted many articles on clothing featuring Long Coats, Jackets, and Tops but I have been receiving requests from you guys to write my next post on bottom wear. So, here I am and in this blog post, I will be sharing some of my picks of SKIRTS that I think are currently in trends.

Outfit #1

This is a Faux Leather short skirt with Floral embroidery on both sides giving it a cowboy style look. The leather trend was back in the 2000s but in the past year brands like Forever 21, H&M, Zara made it hot trending look. And this PU A-line mini skirt is a great choice if you feel the BOHO vibes.

short skirt.jpg

Outfit #2

Plaid is one of the few seasonal looks that never left the style league and this pencil skirt with the plaid design just proves it. The straightly lined buttons make this skirt ideal for Formal gatherings or even office meetings and all.

pencil skirt.jpg

Outfit #3

Now, this one is what I like the best because of its tropical print and the close pleated design is enough to capture one’s attention. The mid-length skirts can be easily worn in all seasons from Summer to Winter. The vintage is the new runway style so it’s time to remix your closet stuff.

flare skirt.jpg

Now, the affordable part that you all have been waiting for, am I right? 🙂 These 3 outfits lists in the range of INR 1100-1300 which makes them even more appealing. And I ‘ve picked all these products from an online store at Aliexpress called ‘LyDia Season Store‘ and uses the brand name ‘LD Helly’ as mentioned in the images as well. And don’t worry guys I’ve already checked the details for you so, you can always COMMENT me your thoughts.


Dress like a Celebrity with these TOPS

Who doesn’t like shopping and this time of the year call for something more special because of all the celebration going on! Over the past few years, e-commerce has come a long way as we now prefer online shopping more nowadays and the reason behind it are – better offers, large variety and much more.

Hey you guys and in this blog post, I will be sharing some of my picks of top-wear clothing items that are inspired by women celebrities mostly from Hollywood which are mentioned below. 😉

Outfit #1

This top features a front zip and that alone separates it from the lot. Navy blue is known to be a royal color and with these frills at the end makes it even nicer. The long sleeves makes sure that it is a great choice for this season just before the winter arrival.


Outfit #2

Are there any Khaki lovers in the house? You know, that texture made from pure cotton and this gives the fabric a unique look. The bow at the waist makes sure you look CHIC! and these flowy half sleeves is perfect for casual outings.


Outfit #3

PATCHES! Recently patches are back like they have never been before, you can see them on jeans, jackets, shirts, and even on bags. And by adding some patches on this formal striped shirt just gave it a whole new makeover, making it a MUST have apparel item in your wardrobe.


The first outfit ranges around INR 1200 and the other 2 outfits cost ranges from INR 600 to 800 which completes the budget requirement making it clear for the Affordable Luxury. And I ‘ve picked all these products from an online store at Aliexpress called ‘M&E Fashion Boutique‘ and uses the brand name EMITIRAL for its products also, I did a background check on reviews, shipping and all so YES! the path is clear. You can just go ahead and shop 🙂

P.S. – Have you checked out my post on Victoria’s Secret AMBER ROMANCE Body Mist 

Keeping it Stylish with Studs – Earrings Edition

ACCESSORIES, What do you think of accessories? Well, I think accessories ‘fill in the missing blanks’ i.e. they complete the missing points with the outfit and give life to your look.

Now, accessories have many sub-categories like scarves, bags, jewelry and then further jewelry can be further divided into chains, bracelets etc and in this post, we will be discussing EARRINGS particularly studs. Studs can be defined as a small piece of jewelry that usually fits on the earlobes. Below are some of my personally picked choices of the pack of earrings that consists of 20 pairs of studs in each set, GREAT, isn’t it?


What I like about these sets is the variety of design it has in these earrings I mean, from stone studs to pearl ones and many more cute little patterns like bows, flowers, arrows, colored stones etc. You know what’s even better the cost factor here, the set of 20 pairs of these earrings costs less than INR 300 (it’s true!) and I’ve picked all these products from an online store at Aliexpress called “YIWU DANZE” and the best part about this store is it’s not just limited to earrings but a ton lot of amazing stuff to choose from so go ahead check it out! 😉

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‘Long Coats’ you need to survive (like a DIVA!) this winter season

Can you define the word ‘Diva‘? According to the dictionary, it means a successful and fashionable woman but as Beyonce said a Diva is a female version of a Hustler. 😉

What’s up, everyone! Today we will be discussing one of the clothing pieces that is a MUST for the winter season and using them an individual can create a fashion statement when the cold winds are at its full throttle. Below are the 3 different jackets that according to me are GOALS for 2017’s winter time:

Outfit #1

A basic plain long coat is a thing apparel that SHOULD be in every person’s closet (Yep, I’m talking Unisex!). The horizontal lined pattern gives you a sleek look and it’s great for the occasion when you want to impress someone with your dressing skills.

plain long coat.jpg

Outfit #2

Who doesn’t LOVE hoods and that too with FUR!!! I mean just look at that fur, giving the illusion of being soft & fluffy. This quilted design has been seen on many models and celebrities over the past years, the reason behind is that it can go with all of your different looks.

long fur coat.jpg

Outfit #3

Getting some camouflage vibes, ain’t we? I really like REALLY military inspired apparel and I’m thinking to put together all my personal favorites in a separate blog post (so #staytuned). I put this long coat on the list because of the uniqueness it offers as you can see the butterfly print making it look all nature with the shades of green but I also like the concept of staright high-collar with fitted sleeves, a designer piece itself.

military style.jpg

Now, let’s talk about the best part the affordability, here all of the 3 products that I have picked ranges around INR 2000, YES! you saw it right just 2K. And I ‘ve picked all these products from an online store at Aliexpress called ‘YVYVLOLO Store‘ don’t worry guys I’ve already checked the details for you so, you can always thank me later 😉 (Just Kidding!)

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Here’s why its PERFECT time for Sweater Dress

Hey Trendsetters, how’s the weather treating you? Fabulous I hope and as Halloween is coming closer I have a new Fashion Trend that you can and should FOLLOW if you want to look a Classy Fashionista and that too at an affordable price.

The clothing trend that I am talking about is “Sweater Dress” because the fall season is not completely over and winter has not come to its peak so this just makes sense, isn’t it? So, I have put together 3 different outfit ideas according to my taste which are mentioned below:

Outfit #1

This is a basic flare dress with an off-shoulder design that will be perfect for evening occasions as it gives the formal look that goes great with this shade of deep red.

off shoulder

Outfit #2

One of the fashion statement that’s coming back from the past are high-necks and I love them so much because they take you to an another level of sophistication. But there’s a TWIST in this patterned dress as you can see it also has cold-shoulder design in it and that makes it extra unique.

cold shoulder.jpg

Outfit #3

The color alone of this dress can make you stand out in the crowd, now let’s focus on the knitted dress that’s giving us the cozy vibes are indicating that winter is almost here. This peach dress with the frill-sleeves and one-sided cold-shoulder sure do looks like a piece that’s landed straight from the runway.

peach dress.jpg

As I said earlier I will be talking about budget-friendly stuff for you all in this post and I have kept my promise, all these dresses pricing ranges from INR 1000 to INR 2000 and I ‘ve picked all these products from an online store at Aliexpress called “Future Time” now the reason I’m mentioning this is I am thinking about this stuff as the reviews, ratings and all are really good, what do you say guys, should I order? 🙂

P.s. – Also, if you are interested in more outfit ideas or how to style them with basic accessories just COMMENT down below and let me know.


Can I get a YASSSSSS……..’cause I might have a little something interesting to share 😉

A 3-way collaboration may be in works which some BIG names of the house, one of them is my personal favorite Designer brand CHANEL and known to be every women weakness. Previously, the ‘Happy’ singer Pharrell Williams and Adidas Originals have created some great sneakers and now adding Chanel in the team will definitely attract the female population (as far as I think..)


The above image is said to be a sample pair to gauge the reaction I guess regarding the demand of this product. The features sneakers are black & white and the top appears to be made of PrimeKnit but there’s also a bit of leather which is visible on the heel tab at the white soles. In the picture, we can also see the Pharrell and Chanel branding on each left and right shoe top.

There’s not much that can be said about this collab so but this looks like a Unisex product, at least I am hoping it will be 🙂

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Did you heard this about ABOF?


If you like to do a lot of Online Shopping and that too with great offers and discounts then you are just going to LOVE this post. A few hours back the Aditya Birla Group made the official announcement of discontinuing the as this online shopping portal was not able to compete with the e-commerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong etc.

Needless to say, as the ABOF will be shutting down by the end of this year it’s our turn to make the most out of this opportunity (wink!). In other words, to clear out the remaining stock I guess more offers will be updated but for now, I am mentioning below the current that are going on with their respective links so enjoy. 😉

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 I recommend taking a look at ABOF for some good stuff although this is not sponsored but, “a good deal’s a GOOD DEAL”.